Outfit Blog Post: Hawaiian Autumn Look

I’M BACK. Navy blue, white, and stripes keep it nautical, and my pink scarf added a pop of contrasting color that tones the preppiness of the outfit down. And to bring that signature… Continue reading

Outfit Blog Post: Laid Back Tropical

I have traveled once again to an amazing country when I went on a church mission trip to help missionize in my church in Trinidad and Tobago. I went with a group of… Continue reading

What a Slacker….

Hello everyone, it’s time to get out of this blogger’s block slump. I have been busy doing a lot of things with school and work. Now that I feel caught up with everything,… Continue reading

Finally Back!

Okay… I know I haven’t been on this thing for a while! I’ve just been so busy with everything else that’s going on… ya’ll know how that can be. I know wanted to… Continue reading

Outfit Blog Post: Little Miss Matched

My typical style doesn’t really call for perfectly matched items. Sometimes, this style is really constricting, and to see the same exact colors in one outfit is repetitive and lacking in creativity. And… Continue reading

Hello There… Random Photo!


Outfit Blog Post: The Great Alaskan Outdoors

I’m honestly not a huge fan of flannel… But when I think of the outdoors, flannel is one of the patterns that first comes to mind. I went to Alaska the summer of… Continue reading

PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDED! click for video please

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Photographer Please?!

PHOTOGRAPHERS IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA I’m looking for an amateur photographer that is willing to help me out take more professional-looking photos for my blog. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be huge pay ( that doesn’t… Continue reading

Hair: Massive Braid to Massive Waves

For my type of hair, waves are really hard to get. I have to start the prep for those pretty beach waves a couple days before I want to wear them out… I… Continue reading