Thank You, Chuck Taylor.

Hello everyone! This is my first post on my official aspiring fashion blog. Emphasis on the word aspiring. My name is Melissa Campana, and I am 18 years old. I study at the University of Central Florida, majoring in journalism. I absolutely love everyday fashion.  I have been interested in fashion since my first “real outfit” in the 7th grade. It was inspired by my first pair of green high-top “chucks”. This was the time when I realized that you can wear converses with skirts. It hit me like a Black Friday shopping receipt, and it opened up my eyes to all the different types of fashion that I can incorporate in my everyday wear. This is the place where I will be expressing my love for fashion as I work towards my ultimate goal: a fashion magazine editor.

I always believe that if you have bold and original pieces, whether you get your clothes from Prada or Wal-Mart (trust me, there are good finds there!), you can create your own stylish look that expresses your personality. This blog will give you tips and tricks that I discovered on my own, all by just putting together my own outfits. So, thank you Chuck Taylor for opening the door to fashion for me, now I’m inspired to open the door for others. Enjoy!