Outfit Blog Post: Chilly Day in the City


ImageThis particular outfit I wore when I first visited my sister in San Francisco, California during the last week of December in 2011. During this time, northern California is pretty chilly, especially near the bay and I knew I needed an outfit that could keep me warm and comfy as I explored the streets (and huge hills x_x) of San Fran.

Clothing: I felt girlie that day so I went with a simple black dress that wasn’t too long or too short, just by my knee, with tights. I love the maroon color which goes great with the light aqua blue sweater I’m wearing underneath my trustee leather jacket. The pale color accentuates the boldness of the tights. To tie it all together, I thought I needed a pop of girlie print to go with the dress, and my cheetah print scarf went perfectly with it. The material was really light which went with the dress but kept me warm when I wrapped it around my neck and chest and it added some drama and edge that matched with the rocker leather jacket. All I needed to top it off were my black leather boots, comfy for walking.


Hair & Accessories: The city near the bay is always
windy so I wanted my hair up. The back braid up to a high bun kept my hair chic and girlie, a style that complimented my dress and kept my hair out of the way and showed off my great scarf. The flower adds another girlie touch. A mustard yellow shoulder bag added just the perfect amount of brightness to seal the deal.


Anyone want a tutorial for that hair style? COMMENT! Thanks!