Season Clash: Hoodies & Shorts


There’s some confusion with the whole hoodies and shorts look. I notice that some people think that the person wearing that outfit might be a bit confused with it being hot or cold, but I love balancing out my outfits with heavy on the top and light on the bottom. Meaning that I may have a lot of layers on top, or something bulky like a hoodie, and something that shows more skin on the bottom. There is a fine line that this look can become trashy, and thats when you wear anything but denim shorts. With denim shorts, the outfit looks more put together instead of chill clothes you wear inside the house.This look really works in places where weather is completely bipolar (like Florida) because you’re covered just enough. In this photo, I’m wearing a fitted hoodie, reppin’ the San Francisco Giants baseball team, which adds to a more sleek and slender look, rather than baggy.