Outfit Blog Post: My Signature Look


Just a couple nights ago when I was hanging out with my friends at my house for a movie night, I was simply wearing a regular cotton tee shirt and skinny jeans. My friends pointed out, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen you wear jeans. You usually wear shorts and boots”. It’s a great feeling when someone points out your signature look because that means that you are totally rockin’ it and making it your own.

My signature style is the shorts and boots look. Yes- I know many other people probably rock this style too but I like to keep it interesting by mix-matching colors and patterns. Like in this outfit for instance, I decided to wear those maroon tights (like i did with my black dress) and a black and white cut off 100% wool sweater. Once again, I’m layering just a peak of patterns with polka dots. and there goes that famous yellow bag serving its eye popping purpose.