My Personal Style: Rocker Chick

ImageRock chic is definitely one way to describe my personal style. My dad is an amazingly talented drummer. I remember growing up to him driving with all the classic rock songs playing, singing his favorite song “Hotel California” by The Eagles, listening to his old tapes and albums of Kiss, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Journey, and all those other famous bands. Rock n’ roll is a part of my family.

So, it’s no surprise that rock even influenced my fashion. Rock is just so cool. It’s edgy, free, versatile, tough, and you can even add a touch of girlie-ness to it. After all, punk rockers are what inspired me to pair my converses with skirts back in middle school!

In this outfit, I’m wearing my hot red skinny jeggings with my American flag tank, which reminds me of that 1960s hippy era and I always think of Jimmi Hendrix’s electric guitar performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Woodstock Festival. I wore this outfit in New Jersey during fall season, so I layered my trustee black leather jacket with a thin wool sweater that acted like an insulator to keep me warm. You can never go wrong with your black leather buckled boots that never fails to work with that leather jacket and my accent piece, that studded and chained shoulder bag that I found at Target! It brings the bling like the rockstars use in their performances. The feathers in my hair, which is actually just a long earring (a stud in my other ear) added asymmetrical pattern and another splash of color that contrasted with the red, white, and blue to complete the head-to-toe look. Rock on, my friends.