Outfit Blog Post: Mel’s Diner Shirt

ImageThis outfit has the 80s vibe all over it. With the cut off sleeves, high waited black jeans, big poof, and the Mel’s Drive-In shirt from San Francisco, this is actually one of my favorite looks ever. I draw a lot of my inspiration from the retro eras. I think the retro looks are very classic and bold, and history always repeats itself. So, looks from back in the day are being resurrected again, I always say that I grew up in the wrong generation. The cut off sleeves (which I did myself) give a tough girl look, and to keep the oldie’s vibe I put on some red lip stain and a bit of mascara to get a retro doll look. I brought some toughness by putting my hair in a big Jersey poof to a high bun. Because who would wanna mess with a jersey girl? 😉 And to add the girlie touches, I accessorized with my Henri Bendel gold chain bracelet and winged-heart ring (Juicy Couture) and big gold angel ring (After Life, vintage store in Cali). For the ultimate girlie touch-up, I showed off more red lip with my glittery lip stud earrings. The best part of this shirt though is the fact that the diner shirt is Mel’s, which is the nickname my sisters originally started calling me, and this regular cotton tee-gone-cute is a gift from my sister, so it gives a small but significant personal touch.