Outfit Blog Post: Little Pink Dress

In this photo, I was in Napa Valley, California. This photo was taken on a the terrace roof of a building overlooking the mountains. It was a great view. And to top it all off, the sun was shining and there was little breeze from the coast, it was gorgeous weather. Although I’m young, I really felt that love was in the air, it was such a romantic paradise. The best thing to wear on this perfect picture day was my eye popping pink sun dress from Nordstrom.It was lacy and a bit flowy and I decided to wear my yellow sandals (Nine West) that matched with my yellow nail polish on my toes and fingers! To add to the romantic aspect of this look, I curled my hair.

My makeup contrasted the pink with a thin line of light green eye liner and super long and curly lashes. My lips were a bold pink that brought everything back to my dress. This look made me feel like a pretty and proper young lady, and every girl should have that moment.

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