Hair: Massive Braid to Massive Waves

For my type of hair, waves are really hard to get. I have to start the prep for those pretty beach waves a couple days before I want to wear them out…

I start by washing my hair like normal and towel drying it. While it’s still damp, I put in my leave-in conditioner serum from Matrix (it a little orange bottle) Then I comb it through.

After making sure It’s detangled, I start braiding in a lot of sections. I try to make each section a 1/2 inch thick braid, so it takes me about 5 separate section. I dutch braid from the top to bottom, that way the hair is wavy starting from the roots. I want the end product to be really wavy. So I pay special attention moving towards the bottom of the braid, making sure that I’m pulling the braid tight, and tying an elastic at the bottom.

I have a lot of hair, so once I’m done doing about 5 different dutch braids from top to bottom, i braid those braids together in any type of braid really. I just twist and overlap each braid a few times over each other and I tie that huge crazy braid all together.

Now…. I wait, I like to wait a couple hours after my hair completely dries. To check if your hair is dry, just pat all through the braid gently, making sure there isn’t anymore wet sections. Once you are sure its completely dry, wait another couple hours.

This is why I give my massive braid a couple days because I just want to make sure the wave is settled in. Now I start taking my braids out. You have to take these apart really carefully because you don’t want  to cause a huge tangle.

As you take the braids out, you can already see how crimped and wavy your hair is, and it looks awesome! Once all the braids are out, just spray some shine and conditioner spray (I use Garnier leave-in conditioner spray that gives it extra shine and a fruity scent!) to just take some of the little frizziness out. If the hair near your roots is still a bit flat, just put some volumizing mousse on your finger tips and scrunch your roots up. And you are ready to go beach babe!