Outfit Blog Post: The Great Alaskan Outdoors

I’m honestly not a huge fan of flannel… But when I think of the outdoors, flannel is one of the patterns that first comes to mind. I went to Alaska the summer of 2010 to visit my sister. Summer in Alaska is beautiful. The sun doesn’t set until 10PM, the mornings are brisk and windy, but the sun shines and brings a cozy warmth down by afternoon. I wore this outfit when my family and I drove to to Seward, Alaska from Anchorage. Seward is where the coast is, so driving through the mountains was great, and the weather was amazing. It was surprisingly warm, kind of like a cool windy day in Orlando. Sunny and breezy: heaven. I loved it! We even stopped at this small cabin which was a cafe that served homemade ice cream! My sisters and I split a slice of blueberry pie with blueberry ice cream, and those blueberries were picked right from the Alaskan mountains! Yum!

The Clothing: This flannel shirt from PacSun, has a boyish look to it. The blues and the greens kept it nature friendly. And personally, I like smaller checkered patterns, that’s why I chose this shirt instead of a bigger checkered look. Because this shirt was a little bit big on me (just like most of the things in my closet) I had to improvise. So, I wore a girlie tank underneath for an extra layer. The red rose adds a pop of color, which contrasts with the dark flannel shirt. I tucked it in my double rolled denim shorts that I layered with my gray wool leggings. This made the look more woodsy and It made it easier to show off my high top sneaker boots from Belgium! These shoes were the accent piece of my outfit, which matched great with the flannel shirt, tying my outfit together top to bottom (or bottom to top!)

Accessories: I am wearing my Lucky Brand chain earrings giving a rocker look to add in my personal style, and to top off the nature aspect, I added a feather in my hair. The sun shining down on me called for some classic brown sunglasses.