Outfit Blog Post: Little Miss Matched

My typical style doesn’t really call for perfectly matched items. Sometimes, this style is really constricting, and to see the same exact colors in one outfit is repetitive and lacking in creativity. And although being perfectly matched isn’t my forte, I think it works with simple and limited pieces that work all together in one look.

I woke up that morning wanting to wear my new Nike sneakers I got from Sports Authority, those were gonna be the center of my outfit. They match my bubbly personality with bright pink and contrasting neon green. I picked that Minnie Mouse shirt from Walmart because it has a youthful feel to it. I’m super tiny and I already look like a little girl, so I thought I should just embrace it and dress up the part. Also, I love Minnie’s big bow because it reminds me of a cheerleader! Dark denim shorts toned the bright colors down and cut the colors of the shoes and the tops that I layered. This draws a line between the two times you see both colors. Jeans would have taken away from the sneakers. Loving how neon green and pink mismatch perfectly, I threw on my pink sweater from Target I got a few years back. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I realized that my colors matched perfectly! The important part of pulling off this match-y attire is to keep it simple. I would have gone overboard if I used neon pink and neon green accessories, neon green tights and pink shorts (vice versa), or neon green or neon pink pants. I am only wearing two items of clothing, a shirt and a sweater. This keeps it balanced, youthful, and cute. Also, keep your matching color scheme to only a couple colors that contrast. This is one way to add a fun and quirky style to your match-y ensemble. Colors that don’t work but work together are colors that are opposite of the color wheel: orange and blue, yellow and purple, pink and green, red and blue, maroon and deep blue.  In order to show off my Minnie Mouse shirt, I put my hair in a dutch braid to high bun and I was ready to be that Little Miss around campus. (leather jacket belongs to the photographer!)