Outfit Blog Post: Laid Back Tropical


I have traveled once again to an amazing country when I went on a church mission trip to help missionize in my church in Trinidad and Tobago. I went with a group of people from church and we held two bible studies, and it was very successful. During this trip, I had the chance to be a little fashionista as we walked through the sunny streets of Trinidad when we passed out flyers about our activities.

Trinidad is a tropical island located in the southern caribbean. It is a culture mostly fused with Indian, African, Chinese, French, and some other mixes from Europe, Southern America, and other caribbean islands. The climate was hot with a nice island breeze from the mountains and the beaches. I definitely fell in love with its beauty. That coconut in the picture was really delicious coconut too!

IMG_5486Featured in this outfit blog post, is my tropical print skirt from Anthropologie. It was the perfect length because it flowed in the breeze, without showing any leg because I was with my church, I kept my outfits conservative and appropriate. The print of that skirt is so bold and the colors are already kind of funky with a mix-match look, so I kept the top simple with a clean and crisp white wife beater tank top. This kept the skirt as the focal point of my outfit, but it gave it a more laid back look. I finished it off with my yellow sandals that matched great with the yellow print on the skirt to keep it bright and added just a little bit more color to bring the look together. The outfit stayed relaxed with the loose and flowy fit of the skirt, but the tank top added the right amount of shape without it being too tight or stuffy.


Another way I tried to keep cool as we walked around was putting my hair up in a sloppy tied up low bun. This kept my hair out of the way and still went with my laid back look because it wasn’t too overdone. My hairstyle showcased a flower from the Canon Ball Tree. The colors went great with my skirt. This beautiful and unique was my girlie touch for the look!