Melissa Campana  – Aspiring Fashion Blogger – Studying Journalism at University of Central Florida – Gymnastics & Cheerleading Coach


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About the Site:

Some posts will be about particular outfits that I put together from my own closet. These blogs will be called “Outfit Blog Posts” (OBP). OBPs will describe the fashion behind the whole outfit from the clothing to the accessories. Other posts will feature inspirational pieces found basically everywhere! Maybe even from another blog 🙂 There will also be posts about tips and tricks about pairing colors and patterns, or certain do’s and dont’s of the fashion world. Of course, these are only my opinion.

My Universal Fashion Rule:

OWN YOUR STYLE. — no one can tell you how to express yourself through your fashion or style, although there are things that may or may not look better on you. but at the end of the day, you have to own your style and be proud of what you’re working’ down the street because no one else can ever wear anything quite like you!